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Hi E-fans: Newbie here - Tim in San Francisco. Perhaps some of my thoughts will be of value to some of you. My 7-week Gala Green 4WD with
2,500 miles continues to satisfy in lots of ways.
A local locksmith fitted the Honda locking gas cap cylinder to fit the
ignition key...happy day! I was able to find dark green door edge trim to
match the body color - the install has already paid for itself, no doubt.
Look hard at your auto accessory stores for small RECTANGULAR convex
(1 to 1-1/2" X 2-1/2 to 3") mirrors to put on your outside 'Blind Spot Special' mirrors. To me the rectangular shape is a perfect match for the
body shape which is nothing if not rectangular; a la UPS rigs or the home delivery bread &/or milk trucks that some of us grew up with.
I installed the very solid looking Pilot 16" alloys (which are rated at
1,000 more pounds than E-alloys) and I had them powder coated in a dark
brown/bronzy tone which many reckon is lovely...The bulldog now has hiking
boots instead of tinsel toes....
I also put on the super-fine Michelin 4X4 Synchrone 235/70/16 skins,
and am really very, very pleased with them in every way. I was surprised
though when a tech from Michelin of America did a bunch of math and came up with 5lbs. less pressure per tire: it's now 27F & 29R; and the speedo will now read 63mph at an indicated 60mph. Long post - sorry.....
Cheers, Tim B

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Hey, I'm in Daly City and hope to get my E this week. What locksmith did you use? I guess any locksmith should be able to do something like that but if I could go to one who has already keyed an E gas cap, that would be nice.

How about the powder coating, who did you use. I’m getting a black E and was thinking of black wheels to go along with it. The powder coating idea opens me up to many styles of wheels that don’t come in black.

Thanks for any info. you can give me.

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[quote:b2aea8e7ee="disciple"]Do you not have any problems with the 235/70/16 tires rubbing when turning or anything?[/quote:b2aea8e7ee]

I have 235/70/16 Michelin Cross-Terrain SUV tires on mine and have had zero issues thus far. I have made several u-turns in both direction and have gone over some pretty big bump with nary a touch of tire to fender.


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MYELEMENT - My dealer, SF HONDA, had a 'roving' aftermarket tech come
in and do the install, so I don't the manufacturer's name of the trim; but he
had around two dozen colors on long spools in his pickup bed, so the stuff
is definitely out there.
RAYDRUMS - ABC KEYS on 18th St. @ Mission in SF did the cylinder adapt
on the locking Honda gas cap, BUT the cylinder which comes unmounted
must not be inserted into the cap until AFTER the keyway is adapted/
modified. A1 UNDERGROUND POWDERCOATING on Valencia at 18th or 19th
in SF did the wheel powdercoating: great service; good price. They did find
the enamel or acrylic clearcoat to require some serious sandblasting for
prep, which ran the unit cost from $60 to $75, but they seemed quite happy
to see the long green folding type - so their relation with Gov. Davis is not
my problem. They've got lotsa' colors to choose from.
DISCIPLE - The amount of tire rub is all but non-existent; it clearly is not
damaging either the tire tread surface or the front wheel well rear fascia
where it has left only the tiniest scrub mark on the trailing panel.
JDEF - The Michelin 4X4 Synchrone 235/70/16 is a very sanitary install,
and I'm completely confident there's no safety or interference issue there.
Thanx & Cheers, Tim B. >>GalaGreen BullPup<<
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