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Throttle issue?

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I just got my E last week and its a MT. My stick driving was a little rusty so i dont think i picked up on this on the test drive. Im having problems with the pas pedal being stubborn. It doesnt want to move when i first put my foot on it until ive put excessive pressure on it. Then it finally budges but the pressure from my foot makes the tach jump up to about 3k. Basically its just sticking in the closed position and its making things a little bit of a nag.

i looked under the dash and all the gas pedal mechanisms are heavily lubed (didnt get a chance to look at the actual throttle cable).

its still under warrantee from the dealership and i was thinking about taking it in and asking for a throttle body cleaning. Does this sound accurate?
This is something i would usually do myself but i figure they need to earn their keep for the next 2000 miles..

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dan, there are quite a few threads about issues & adjusting the throttle cable, if thats the problem.....either way if your under warranty make the dealer remove it, clean it, adjust it & re-install.... good luck...Pat
yea i read those posts about the cable itself. but it doesnt seem like theres any extra play in mine

i guess my question is:
should i be able to feel my TB sticking closed just from my gas pedal?

yep, it was a dirty tb butterfly valve issue. took it in today and watched the mech clean it really well. thanks all

just a heads up: NEVER pay for someone to clean your throttle body. not more than a five minute job...

thanks for the help eoc
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