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FINALLY got a chance to drive the Element in snow where it belongs...with snow rate tires of course!

I had wondered what my solution would be if I needed to carry more than 4 snowboards but didn't find an answer here on EOC. This past weekend 7 of us went boarding and eventually got 5 snowboards and 1 pair of skis by using a Thule 91725 (max 4 boards)along with a Thule 575 (Max 2 boards) on the element!

The 575 was a bit scary just because the boards ride so high I was barely able to fit into one of the parking garages up in Mammoth Lakes, CA. I am unable to fit the car into my Garage with it on, sorry, I forgot to measure how high it is.

I thought I'd share a few pictures of the fit and how much room was left...on that note I really need to get a side step, getting the "inner" boards was a bit harder without one.


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