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The 575 was a bit scary just because the boards ride so high I was barely able to fit into one of the parking garages up in Mammoth Lakes, CA. I am unable to fit the car into my Garage with it on, sorry, I forgot to measure how high it is.
I hear your pain! But I have a solution.
I stumbled upon the benefits of NOT having the stock rack recently and the Benefits of using the Yakima rack instead. A friend of ours went in for surgery at a Philly hospital and we rushed over and there was NO hanging sign to tell you clearance at the parking garage. We saw some bigger SUV's inside so we pulled in and cleared in the beginning of garage. 50 feet in there was literally zero clearance due to this low beam with the ski rack! Do not back up severe tire damage etc!
We stopped and fortunately despite our near panic remembered it takes 30 seconds to remove the Yakima rack from the mounts! The same key that secures your gear also locks the landing pads and the rack comes right off! We tossed it in the trunk! WHEW!!!

The same could be done to fit in your garage super simply. The downside of course is buying a new rack :-(
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