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Time for new struts/ shocks

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So at 85,000 miles it's time for new struts/ shocks.

I hate to pay dealer prices on the factory replacements . Where on line would be a good place to buy factory replacements?
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Here are a few, in alpha order:

Bernardi (Massachusetts)
Cheap Honda Parts (California)
College Hills Honda (Ohio)
Honda Parts Deals (Rhode Island)
Honda Parts Now (California)
Honda Parts Store (Maryland)
Honda Parts Unlimited (Arizona)
Majestic (Rhode Island)
My Honda Parts Store (Oklahoma)
Real Honda Parts (Texas)

I'm sure there are others. I've done a lot of business with Majestic, no complaints, though I'm not recommending against any other vendor.
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Honda Parts Now has rear struts on sale right now. I need to order rear struts and sway bar end linkages all around. I *think* these are the correct parts and their numbers (if someone can confirm, please do) and then prices with Honda Parts Now at the moment. Just a little nervous about pulling the trigger since I'm not 100% sure these are the right parts ;)

52611-SCV-A02 SHOCK ABSORBER UNIT, RR. $49.48 (x2)

52320-SCV-A01 LINK, R. RR. STABILIZER $10.74

52321-SCV-A01 LINK, L. RR. STABILIZER $10.74

51320-S5A-003 LINK, R. FR. STABILIZER $12.57

51321-S5A-003 LINK, L. FR. STABILIZER $12.57
Okay they won't sell to a Canadian (getting shipped to the US). So it is. They have the same prices pretty much
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