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:mad: It's been two years since I bought my 2007 Honda Element and I still love it.

But this tire pressure light is pushing my patience on that item right to the far right edge of living.

It has been brought to my dealer's attention everytime I take the Element in for service updates and recently, it was in the garage for an entire day while mechanics tinkered with it to find out why the light was on all the time and they found that the indicators were burned out and needed replaced, after pulling all the tires.

I am now right back to the same problem again and I am coming up to the end of my warranty and wanted to make sure this was corrected.

Questions: What will happen to the Element if the light issue isn't squared away? Should I just have the light/computer command just disconnected and wing it on keeping the right tire pressure in my Element -- will doing this cause other problems elsewhere in the computer?

Thanks in advance for your answers and suggestions. -Bill-
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