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To buy or not to buy..... Good and Bad... I wanna know!!

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Hello everyone. Here is my situation.... I have a Cabrio that I just bought this past August. Two weeks after I drove it off the lot, the thing started having problems. It has not stopped since. So finally it looks like VW is going to buy the thing back from me and I am on the market again with no clue now what to buy. I was on Hondas site and there was the Element. I went through everything: accessories, building and pricing, etc. But as I learned the best knowledge comes from those who have driven the vehicle.

I admit that because it is a new vehicle I am hesitant because of the problems Ive had with this one because I really dont have any more spare time to sit at the dealership waiting on my vehicle to be fixed over and over and over and over.... you get what Im saying Im sure. So tell me about it.... the good.... the bad... Please dont hesitate!!! I am going to go test drive one in the next day or so, any help you can give would be great!! Email me if you wish and tell me your stories.... [email protected].

Its currently between the Element, CRV (although they are nearly impossible to get here apparently), RAV4, and Escape/Explorer. Please help!! :D Thanks a lot!
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The 1st thing is what do you need/want the vehicle for? Each of the vehicles you are considering are a bit different. For example if you need more than 4 seats the E is not for you. That pretty much ends any talk about buying it. The next question is how much lux are you looking for? If you are going to want leather seats, or the like, the E is not for you.

If you are looking for an all around fun car, reasonable (for an SUV) on gas mileage, and something that cleans up quick. Maybe the E is the best for you.

If you go thru this board, you will find talk about all sort of good and bad with the Element. People have complained about all sorts of stuff, but only one person said they were ready to give up their E. That person got offers to buy his E, and he passed selling it to people on this board, so go figure, my guess is he is keeping it.

You need to test drive it, as long as the dealer lets you, highway, city, backroads, etc.

Once you do, I am sure you will fall in love with the E as most of us here have. Good luck.
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Oh, one more thing......

When looking at the posts here on the board, please remember to look at facts, people will give their feelings of what a possible problem might be, but that is a might be. The actual problems are things that need to be addressed, problems that may happen, are only things that need to be watched. :D
I'll say that I love my Element. I also thought about the CRV, the RAV and the Jeep Liberty, but for me, there was no comparison when you looked at what you got for the price - much more room, more flexibility, more features and most importantly, the coolest car on the road. All the other small SUVs (and the big ones, too) all look the same...very generic. So if looks/style are important, the E's the clear winner. That said, as a previous poster wrote, if you need 5 seats, or a luxurious leather interior, well then, the E's not for you. This is a fun, practical car.

And I'd also like to add that I've had NONE of the little gripes/problems that some people on this board are bringing up. My windshield's fine, my fenders aren't scratching, my front seat doesn't rock, bla bla bla. Take all that with a grain of salt...these boards tend to bring out many more negatives than positives, not to mention competing dealers looking for a chance to slam the competition. Good luck!
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Do NOT buy a Honda Element ! It is the most overhyped, overrated vehicle known to man !


A FORD Dealer

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Disregard my evil twin....
Just remember......Ford stands for




Enuf said about Fords, other than never ever invest your hard earned cash in one, unless you want another lemon.
My sister in law needed a new trannie in her Explorer after one year and they gave her a hard time about it. She had 5,000 miles on it!
Steer clear :?
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I just wanted to say that I, too, have had no problems with my E that have been discussed on the boards. :)
Buying an automobile is a very personal experience. Only you can decide what is right for you. Yes, Honda makes some fantastic cars like my beloved Element, but it's car that's not for everyone. i can only recommend that you visit your local honda dealer and take one for a test drive. If you like it and it suits your tastes (and budget!) by all means consider buying it. If not, walk away and try something else. Wish you the best of luck in your car buying experience.
Well I went down this afternoon as I said I would and I drove the E for the first time! I was impressed! I thought it was comfortable and I thought it handled very well. I took it out on the interstate and as far as the loud wind factor that I've read ppl complaining about..... I did not really think it was that bad... then again I have a convertible right so hey no difference there.

It is very unique and I love the way it looks! Unfortunately they did not have any of the EX's in so the one I drove did not have a stereo or anything in it. I told the guy to call me when they get the EX in so I could see some of the accessories in action. There was not much to this one so I didnt have a lot of gadgets to mess with and stuff, but I do like it so far! :D
I completely agree with lon777; if you love the Element's shape and features. If you like how it drives (and really, I can't see how you couldn't!), by all means, get it. Quality is Honda par, and not a single one of the problems has manifested itself for me. For me, the Element is the PERFECT car. There just isn't anything better for the way I live and drive!
Katawna - Too bad they din't have an EX for you. All the bells and whistles are great! My 22 and 19 year old sons think the 270 sound system is killer. I really enjoy the sound system too except at a much lower volume. Hard to get mellow with Bob Marley when the stereo is at full blast.
Not one prob with my E to date...Typical Honda fit, finish, and engineering.
FYI to Lon, the sound system is described as "pimp" by my teens. They never asked to borrow my cars before......Dad is "way-kewl".
I just finished my first tank of gas and I do like my Element very much. I drove the Liberty, Escape,Freelander,Outlander and Volvo v90 before I wrote out the check for my E. Only the Volvo could have swayed me but the pricetag had me choking.

My E has great space for my dog and friends say the ride in the back seats is great. It does have a few quirks like a giant blind spot so you need to be careful and set your mirror up right. I got the driver arm rest, carpet mats, side steps and keyless entry accessories but not all from the dealer. Hondacuraworld...great prices, free shipping for the easy to install stuff.

I got about 21 miles to the gallon on the first tank and I love the way it holds on curves. Find and EX and spend some time in it. Good Luck.
:p :D :p

Picked up my nighthawk black EX this weeken (Excccelent!) After researching this vehicle for months finally decided to take the plunge- family and friends have all loved it- even my roomate (who was making fun earlier) loved it once I let him drive it. Driving it is a little odd- people stare and point- and give second (and third) glances. I wound up driving past a peace protest this weekend and everyone stared and most smiled as the pointed (while oohing and awing)
BUT this morning on the way to work - I was passing a towtruck, when a paint barrel fell off his flatbed (idiot should have secured the #$#%# thing! and it bounced right under my E! I crushed it and plastic went flying. It looked like I had hit a pinata! The towtruck driver slowed to about 40 and exited the highway quickly - I had no time to get over and follow thi idiot (toll road!) so I didn't get a liscence # or anyting....grrrrr. When I got to work I inspected for damage- there was a dirt mar on the fron passenge bumper that wiped away, and a few tiny scratches. After all the talk of scratches on the composite panels, I was expecting so much worse. But you can barely see them. Paint is OK and nothing mechanicaly wrong. But I was pretty P.Oed at the driver- HE knew he #$%*$# up- why elsejump off the highway so quick. I was watching him freak out in my rearview while I tried to slow to get his plate # or at least ne name of the company- he wsa freaking out, and I was sooo P.O.
What made matters even worse- there was a State Trooper right behind him who did absolutely NOTHING. Later the trooper sped by me and pulled someone over to issue a speeding ticket. Guess that shows where their priorities are.

I'm gonna call the interstate police and see if he at least wrote down the towtrucks # and reported it.

Friggen Kansas!!! I tell ya! :x
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[quote:a850ba498a="artdude102"]Friggen Kansas!!! I tell ya! :x[/quote:a850ba498a]

Kansas? Cool. Me too.

I am looking for the Nighthawk Black Element at the KC area dealers. Where did you buy your Element? Does the composite panels look good with the black paint? What accessories did you get?

I purchased a new CRV and a Honda Element in January. My wife drives the CRV and loves it. I drive the Element to work daily. I have around 2,000 miles on mine now. It has been perfect. I've not had any problems and just love to drive it. It is very responsive, quiet on the road, easy to park into tight parking spaces. It gets alot of looks. I finally seen another one on the road here now first time in three months. The CRV is also one of the best small SUV's out there.
Yes, I finally saw another E on the road this weekend. I was so excited! They were turning, but I wanted to beep and wave! :D I've never been this excited about a car.
Glad You liked your test drive, even though it was not the EX.. but that gives you an idea of the bare minimum of happiness (smiles).

This is a very comfortable and versatile vehicle.

Yes true not all vehicles are for everyone, this is why there is such a variety!

Comparisons:I tested the:
CRV, Hyundai Santa Fe, Jeep Liberty, PT Cruiser, Toyota Rav4 along with the Toyota Matrix and a bunch of other vehicles.

I liked alot about the CRV (this was before the "birth" of the Element) but there was just something missing, oh yeah the arrival of the Element, smiles!!

The Liberty was so nice, beautiful vehicle, the drive unimpressive.. the gas milage horrible.. really horrible.. and Chrysler/Jeeps reputation well horrible too! So that was out.

Rav4, not bad, had possibility, but just too cramped inside.

The PT Cruiser, well cute on the outside, a disaster on the inside.. tooo tiny, very cramped, the gas milage does not compliment the itsy bitsy cramped vehicle either... if you have people riding in back they better have detachable legs.. there is no room back there.

The Hyundai, eh not bad, not impressive.. Hyundai has come a long way, that is for sure, but the price, ack.. well they have not come THAT far!

Toyota Matrix, very cute, nice interior.. not a bad vehicle at all, but it was a weird ride, and too low to the ground.

Now you said you considered the Escape too, run (escape) fast from that tought.. they near the bottom of all SUV raitings.. come'on the Hyundai has past them.. that says alot. They also have THEE WORST in reliability. Also known as the Mazda Tribute. Fuel economy is a joke for such a small car too, 17 mpg.. not that small and have that bad of mpg..

Pros and Cons of the Element:
  • not alot of storage spaces. (this can be worked with though)
    weak tire cover (odds are this will be remedied, and is something that can be replaced)
    only seats 4. (not always a bad thing.. you have a reason not to take that person with ya).
    the sun roof is not power (but with such large windows, you don't notice.. i have had a power sunroof on my last two vehicles and it is one of those MUST haves for me.. but i don't miss it.. the roof is high and it is sooo airy!)
  • easily washable interior, seats and all!
    Huge cargo area just by flipping the seats
    seats on 4 (yesh can be a con or a pro, really)
    sooo spacious and roomy!
    high roof, just adds to that roomy & spaciousness!
    step in hieght just right!
    leg room, did i say spacious!
    lots of places for cups.. for the people in back too!
    honda's reputation for a reliable trustworthy vehicle!!
    nice mpg!!
    looks awesome!
    actually i could go on, but this should help i hope!

good luck & keep us posted on your thoughts and choices!
Oh I almost for got.. problems, yeah I almost forgot cause there are none!
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