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Glad You liked your test drive, even though it was not the EX.. but that gives you an idea of the bare minimum of happiness (smiles).

This is a very comfortable and versatile vehicle.

Yes true not all vehicles are for everyone, this is why there is such a variety!

Comparisons:I tested the:
CRV, Hyundai Santa Fe, Jeep Liberty, PT Cruiser, Toyota Rav4 along with the Toyota Matrix and a bunch of other vehicles.

I liked alot about the CRV (this was before the "birth" of the Element) but there was just something missing, oh yeah the arrival of the Element, smiles!!

The Liberty was so nice, beautiful vehicle, the drive unimpressive.. the gas milage horrible.. really horrible.. and Chrysler/Jeeps reputation well horrible too! So that was out.

Rav4, not bad, had possibility, but just too cramped inside.

The PT Cruiser, well cute on the outside, a disaster on the inside.. tooo tiny, very cramped, the gas milage does not compliment the itsy bitsy cramped vehicle either... if you have people riding in back they better have detachable legs.. there is no room back there.

The Hyundai, eh not bad, not impressive.. Hyundai has come a long way, that is for sure, but the price, ack.. well they have not come THAT far!

Toyota Matrix, very cute, nice interior.. not a bad vehicle at all, but it was a weird ride, and too low to the ground.

Now you said you considered the Escape too, run (escape) fast from that tought.. they near the bottom of all SUV raitings.. come'on the Hyundai has past them.. that says alot. They also have THEE WORST in reliability. Also known as the Mazda Tribute. Fuel economy is a joke for such a small car too, 17 mpg.. not that small and have that bad of mpg..

Pros and Cons of the Element:
  • not alot of storage spaces. (this can be worked with though)
    weak tire cover (odds are this will be remedied, and is something that can be replaced)
    only seats 4. (not always a bad thing.. you have a reason not to take that person with ya).
    the sun roof is not power (but with such large windows, you don't notice.. i have had a power sunroof on my last two vehicles and it is one of those MUST haves for me.. but i don't miss it.. the roof is high and it is sooo airy!)
  • easily washable interior, seats and all!
    Huge cargo area just by flipping the seats
    seats on 4 (yesh can be a con or a pro, really)
    sooo spacious and roomy!
    high roof, just adds to that roomy & spaciousness!
    step in hieght just right!
    leg room, did i say spacious!
    lots of places for cups.. for the people in back too!
    honda's reputation for a reliable trustworthy vehicle!!
    nice mpg!!
    looks awesome!
    actually i could go on, but this should help i hope!

good luck & keep us posted on your thoughts and choices!
Oh I almost for got.. problems, yeah I almost forgot cause there are none!
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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