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Picked up my nighthawk black EX this weeken (Excccelent!) After researching this vehicle for months finally decided to take the plunge- family and friends have all loved it- even my roomate (who was making fun earlier) loved it once I let him drive it. Driving it is a little odd- people stare and point- and give second (and third) glances. I wound up driving past a peace protest this weekend and everyone stared and most smiled as the pointed (while oohing and awing)
BUT this morning on the way to work - I was passing a towtruck, when a paint barrel fell off his flatbed (idiot should have secured the #$#%# thing! and it bounced right under my E! I crushed it and plastic went flying. It looked like I had hit a pinata! The towtruck driver slowed to about 40 and exited the highway quickly - I had no time to get over and follow thi idiot (toll road!) so I didn't get a liscence # or anyting....grrrrr. When I got to work I inspected for damage- there was a dirt mar on the fron passenge bumper that wiped away, and a few tiny scratches. After all the talk of scratches on the composite panels, I was expecting so much worse. But you can barely see them. Paint is OK and nothing mechanicaly wrong. But I was pretty P.Oed at the driver- HE knew he #$%*$# up- why elsejump off the highway so quick. I was watching him freak out in my rearview while I tried to slow to get his plate # or at least ne name of the company- he wsa freaking out, and I was sooo P.O.
What made matters even worse- there was a State Trooper right behind him who did absolutely NOTHING. Later the trooper sped by me and pulled someone over to issue a speeding ticket. Guess that shows where their priorities are.

I'm gonna call the interstate police and see if he at least wrote down the towtrucks # and reported it.

Friggen Kansas!!! I tell ya! :x
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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