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Hi All

I was wondering if someone can answer something for me. I am looking at the Tom Tom Car Kit ( for my iPaq 3970. I want to mount it (with screws) to the front edge of the center console (cup holder) but need to know something.

Somewhere, I saw someone mention that they know there is a power cable running under the cup holder console. I see how easy it is to take the console off (just pull up in the front and slide it forward) but there is a wire harness, as well as one wire going to the parking brake. I assume that is just a ground wire that grounds when the brake is on to make the light come on. Can anyone tell me if they know for sure that one of the wires under there is hot, and which one if so?

If not, I guess I'll try to get the service manual and check the wiring diagrams. Seems like a lot of work to keep my iPaq in view and charged, but it might be worth it.

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