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Tornado Car

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:D I just got to tell this story I was in Hot Springs Arkansas last friday nite while several tornados were around or near the city the rain and wind were horrible. I had parked with my family at a drive in bank to protect us and the car until the storm went over. I told the wife we needed gas before we went back to camp (we were camping in a near by park), The storm had let up and I drove to a large attendant type gas station where you use a card and someone in a little building overlooks everything.Got out and started pumping gas. Suddenly everything broke loose wind, horizonital rain thunder, lighting and Im soaked. A voice came from out of nowhere SIR SIR what kind of car is that. I thought GOD wanted to know. LOL It ofcourse was the gal in the little booth. She just kept asking question while Im risking life and limb to pump 10 gals of gas. She just loved the car even in a Tornado!!!!! Isnt life full of Elements!!!!! :lol:
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