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Totally Bummed.....

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I had my niece here visiting. We were going to load the bikes in the car and drive to downtown Detroit and bike around the downtown area. I have recently had "comfort" handlebars put on my bike to replace the straight bars that were killing my back and neck. For the life of me, I couldn't get the bike into the car without removing the front wheel, let alone get the other bike in there too. So I put a bike rack on the back of the car that seemed to work just fine. I ordered it from L.L.Bean when I had my Subaru, and I paid some bucks for it. It appeared that there was no undue force from the weight of the bikes going into the metal of the E, but man, I was so wrong. When we got home several hours later, there are three stupid looking dents -- 2 in the upper hatch part and one next to the driver's licence in the tailgate, and that one even has a scratch. I tried pulling them out with a plunger but no joy. I am so pissed at myself.
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Its always a bad time when you find dents but if they are small there are dent removers out there to take them out. It will not get rid of the scratch but will at least get out the dent.
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