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Towing with the Element

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Has anybody towed with them? If so how did it do? How much did you tow? Any help is appreciate :lol:
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If you consider a tow limit of 1500lbs, you probably can't tow much more than a couple of Seadoos on a small trailer.
I have a receiver mounted storage box and just took it on a 1,000 mile Spring Break trip. I had the family (two adult, two kids) luggage and about 200lbs tongue weight (total weight, including the box) on the receiver. It drove great. You could not tell it was even there. My only gripe was that the receiver is mounted very low and the box sits too low for comfort (much lower than it sat on my Expedition). It drug on driveways on several occasions. The other problem was that I got a ticket in San Antonio for the box covering the license plate. I actually got three tickets. The E also encourages driving fast.

I also have a 5x8 utility trailer. The E tows it great. I have not loaded it up with much, but I seldom do. I use my trailer all the time and have for years. Its a bit hard to back and hard to see (to back), but as far as pulling, the E does great. This trailer has a very light tongue weight.

I also have a 16' Hobie Cat that I have not tried to pull. I expect it to pull fine. It does not weigh much.

As far as hitches go, I bought the Honda factory hitch, but I would not buy it again. I needed a hitch at the time and nobody else made one yet. Since then, I have seen the Hidden Hitch installed and I think it is much more attractive and does not hang down as low. The Honda hitch hangs too low.

I have a photo, but no where to post it.

Just my two cents worth.

2003 SOP E 5spd.
2002 Civic Coupe
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I am going to the lake this weekend I'll let you know. I have a Yamaha SUV1200 (about 1300 pounds).
Thanks for all the advice. I have two atv's that weigh around 700lbs total and I tow them on a 6' X 9' trailer, I think with an aftermarket hitch I might be able to tow it? What do you guys think????
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