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I want to confirm something. I have a 2007 SC. In summer I use the 18" wheels that came with the vehicle. In winter I have been using a 16" wheel/tire package with Honda tire sensors that I purchased.

When I purchased the winter tires, the tire shop guy assured me that the sensors would automatically re-set when I switched back and forth twice a year. The reason I went with 16" winters tires was to save money.

I feel kinda foolish as after each tire swap (twice per year), the sensors needed to be calibrated. So after 6 seasons, the initial cost savings has been negated.

Next fall I will be buying new winter tires. If I buy an 18" winter wheel/tire package equipped with Honda sensors, will I need to re-calibrate each time I do the summer/winter and winter/summer swap?

Thanks in advance.

1 - 2 of 49 Posts
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