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I’ve done as much research as I can trying to determine what transmissions are compatible with my 03 AWD Auto Element. Am hoping to get some guidance as to whether or not I’ve ended up with the right conclusions.
It looks like only element transmissions are compatible (unless you want to swap the ECU and some other stuff, which I don’t want to do). Has anyone swapped a CRV transmission?
The 03 element 4 speed uses an MZKA transmission, which is the same code as all of the newer models as well... even the 5 speed which was introduced in 2007. So it’s obvious that code isn’t enough to determine what transmissions are compatible.
To be clear, I’d like to define compatibility as: a direct fit transmission that requires no new external components to support its addition.
Now onto the next part of the saga.
On eBay sellers list transmissions from 03-04 as being compatible, and 05-06 being different. I have trouble understanding why, but the transmission gods know more than I do... so that is why I go to the hive.
Let me know what your thoughts are! I definitely want to get this rig rolling.
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