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transmission mount broken

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Has anyone had the transmission mount brake from the flywheel housing? I have half the mount connected, but the lower half covering the fly wheel is broken and now the fly wheel is slightly exposed. Has anyont crossed this path before?
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First of all fill in your profile so we know what you have. Manual VS automatic. More then likely something hit it causing it to pop out. The piece can be welded back in place if you have it. I have a spare manual trans that has the same problem.
2003 Honda element

It is a 2003 Honda element Automatic awd. I unfortunately do not have the piece that broke..But can cast metal be welded?
Its made out of aluminum and yes it can be welded. It shouldn't be a problem unless the bracket also got tore off the other bolt. If I remember there is 2 bolts holding that mount to the trans.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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