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Today I decided before I get into really starting the build of my element I should start by getting rid of that gross grinding sound from the front end. After doing the research I isolated the problem, the transmission mount. I finally got around to picking it up at autozone for about 75 bucks and after a few hours the sound was gone and the Element is running like normal again! Below are the instructions on doing this for yourself.

1) Start by unscrewing and removing the battery along with the tray below, in order to have easier access to the mount. The tray has three bolts on top as well as two more on the sides of it.
2) Remove the rubber connector on the intake as well again in order to access the Mount.
3) Place a jack on the front most part of the transmission and take the weight off of the mount.
4) Remove the bolt that goes through the middle of the mount
5) Remove the three bolts that attach the mount to the frame, and admire the difference between the old worn out one and the shiny new one!
6) Reinstall the three bolts with the new mount, starting with the one on top and then the one that is further back and harder to get to (May need extendo ratchet).
7) Reinstall the bolt through the middle, the battery tray and battery, drop that jack, and appreciate the way your element runs and shifts like new!
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