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On my recent travels to Singapore and London, I picked up some new auto care products, Auto Glym Super Resin Polish and Auto Glym Vinyl and Rubber Care. Today it was beautiful here in OKC, about 75 degrees and light south wind, perfect weather for test driving these new products.
First, the vinyl care. Really good stuff. I applied it to all the interior plastic and vinyl surfaces, gave all of them a nice gloss. Putting it on was rather easy. I would recommend applying it with a slightly dampened sponge, because if you spray it on, it tends to spot. Applying with the sponge gives a great uniform finish. It has slightly citrus smell to it which is pleasant. Another nice feature about this product is that has anti-static properties, so your surfaces won't get so dusty quickly.
Now the really good stuff, the resin polish. Can't believe how easy it is to apply and remove this stuff. Virtually, a no sweat job. Polishes up beautifully and leaves a very glossy, almost wet looking finish. It made my blue E look like it was backlit. The metallic flakes in the paint almost look like diamonds - absolutely beautiful for the amount of work required. Getting it on the plastic fender panels - not a problem. I just waited until it dried and rubbed them off - no white stains!!! The same goes with the black plastic bits - not a problem. There was very little wax dust left on the car afterwards. The wax smells completely different from any product I have ever used and can be described as pleasant. I did a little checking and found you can purchase these products via the net here in the good ole USA. They can be found at Can't say enough good things about these products. Now, I'll just have to wait and see how they hold up under a very hot Oklahoma summer. My E shesa bella!!!
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