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TSX wheels on the E

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Has anyone put TSX wheels on their E? i tried searching for pics, but i had no luck. I also tried google..I found a great deal on some and I want to get them, but I wanted to see if anyone else has them. Also, is the center bore the same because its Acura?

thanks in advance
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I want to add that I added spacers on mine. I don't think it's needed. TSX rims have a high offset but when I took a look it looked like it cleared the calipers no problem.

I just wanted a more agressive and stagered look. So I added 15mm front and 20mm back.
That looks awesome. I was looking for a set back when I needed new tires. I found a set of '05 MDX wheels with tires instead. I like the TSX wheels a little better than mine, I think it looks the best of all the aftermarket rims on the Element so far. I hope you get them. Let us know which tires you choose. I have Michelin All Terrain 235 65R 17, they rub making sharp turns. I might go with 60's next.
Tires are a dime a dosen. If your running 17's you can walk into any crysler dealership or tire store and buy take offs from a 300C. Their size is perfect for the Element on 17's.

I put on a set of Goodyear Integrity for under $150 and they where new.
are the pictures before or after spacers were added?
whose spacers did you use? would you recommend them?

Pics are with the spacers.

Just got hubcentric ones off ebay. The spacers are killer and very well made. Would get them again.

The seller was ebay id: giftmimore
Looks good. Did you use spacers?

Tires are to small.
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