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TSX wheels on the E

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Has anyone put TSX wheels on their E? i tried searching for pics, but i had no luck. I also tried google..I found a great deal on some and I want to get them, but I wanted to see if anyone else has them. Also, is the center bore the same because its Acura?

thanks in advance
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hey that looks good. Im going to get the rims this weekend. Thanks for the pics.
i dont really know what kind of tire im gonna get. An all terrain tire wasnt really in my mind. I was going to look for a 45 or 50 series or something that will give it a sportier look. Im definitely going to be searching craigslist for some tires. My stock tires arent that low now, so Im not in a hurry to get tires for the TSX wheels. Also the ones that I am getting are the 7 spoke ones.
This just came up and Im getting it as a birthday present for myself (im turning 22 next thurs).
I found some Bridgestone RE92 225/45/17 with 70% tread for cheap. Im going to pick them up on thursday this week. Ill take pics and post them later. BTW I got the 2004 TSX wheels, not the ones that are pictured above. (mine are the 7 spoke ones)
I would like to have gotten those, but around me the prices are over $1G without tires...
I got my wheels and tires mounted and balanced! 225/45/17.
Heres some pics:

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I didnt use spacers...the tires are only 10 mm wider than stock.
eventually I will be lowering it to fit the wheel well. I just want to wait for a couple years, so my warranty runs out..I think it looks ok. But I do agree that the sidewall is a little small, which makes it look sorta weird.. but I got the wheels and tires for under $400, so i think it was a good deal
1 - 8 of 20 Posts
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