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Hey guys, does anyone know if the base model dx i think is prewired for the tweets?

Or am i going to have to run the wires either down to the cross or vice versa?

I got infinity's that come with a cross and tweeters.

Thanks for any help, I know this question may be dumb but im new at all this speaker stuff.
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I was having a set of infinity's installed in the back of my E when I noticed another E pulled up to the bay for an install. It was weird when an old friend of mine got out of it. Very weird with so few around (E's, not friends). To make a long story short, he had NO sound at all in his and was having a system installed. I asked the technician later, when I saw the pillar cover removed, if the wiring was already done. According to him, Honda does all the cabling when they build them to save the dealers problems later. Very cool. It's just a matter of removing the cover, plugging in and mounting the tweet, replacing the cover, and enjoying.
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