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Hey guys, does anyone know if the base model dx i think is prewired for the tweets?

Or am i going to have to run the wires either down to the cross or vice versa?

I got infinity's that come with a cross and tweeters.

Thanks for any help, I know this question may be dumb but im new at all this speaker stuff.
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GMDOD, don't tell me that!!! My Infinities arrived today so I am to install them tonight. I already installed the rear infinities and the head unit - painless - but I am REALLY nervous about the tweeters. Now even more so, that yours wasn't pre-wired....

I'll let ya'll know tomorrow how it goes.... :?
gmdod, thanks!! one more thing - where did you mount the crossover's and where/how did you connect them??
gmdod, INSTALLED!!! Not that difficult, The driver side was easier because I could fit my arm behind the dash in order to grab the speaker wire. The passenger side was terrible. I could barely fit my arm in the dash, so I used the wire coat hanger, then I had to try and fish the wire through the gasket into the door.... Man what a job!!! anyways, finally got that passenger side done. All Infinity, sounds GREAT!!!! Thanks mgdod and Element-J :D
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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