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Hey guys, does anyone know if the base model dx i think is prewired for the tweets?

Or am i going to have to run the wires either down to the cross or vice versa?

I got infinity's that come with a cross and tweeters.

Thanks for any help, I know this question may be dumb but im new at all this speaker stuff.
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Well i was up to the weee hours last night installing my infinity's 505 i's

There isn't or at least there was not any pre wiring in my colums.

So i had to run the wires down to the cross - wich i put inside the door.

I foud that to be the easiest in terms of running cable.

So far it sounds amazing, I also installed some Sylvania Silverstar bulbs wow what a dif.

E Bobert follow element J's instructions for the tweeters - it was super easy to attatch them to the colum it was just the wiring that was tricky - I used a metal coat hanger as a guide to push the wires were i wanted them to go.
Man was the passenger side ever horible.

Im just about to change the Deck but im gonna see if i can get an attatchent so that i don't have to splice the wires.

Does anyone know where i can get a wiring harness that will match up with the E's wireing??

1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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