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Well i've got a Eternal Blue ex 4wd (very easy to spot, I have a Sticker of Scooter from the Muppets in the back window)

I've actually meet one other owner, outside the CompUSA in Roseville, I She had an EB dx (i think it was 4wd...then again would anyone buy a 2w in the minnesota?!?)

What i don't understand they seemed to be flying off the lot when i bought mine from Burkle Honda. I ended up having to wait for mine (luckly only like a month..but that was one hard month to be around me) But Yeah I've seen more in the last month or so, but i got mine in at the begining of March, and since then....I saw a black one at Lake Josephine, The blue one, and one was following me part of the way down 494 the other night....

I swear we must all be hidding from each other.
1 - 1 of 160 Posts
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