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Just picked up a class III receiver from U-Haul for $150 CAD after tax!

They wanted $50 to install - considering it was 4 bolts and a U bolt, i figured I could do it myself. I highly recommend using the tips that are stickied on this section. It will save you a fair amount of time, frustration and time.

i don't have a full arsenal of tools so i made do with what I had laying around to enlarge the holes to get the bolts/brackets in.

My most innovative trick was when i couldn't possibly get the hitch far enough up to put the bolts through, i got the jack out and put it under the hitch and pushed the truck down, pushing the hitch up into place. I have to say that the jack set up in the E leaves something to be desired. What a program that was - not to mention the dinky sized spare.

Anyway, harness install tomorrow after a meeting with Lizzurd.
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