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I managed to put out the console to get at the allen wrench I dropped down the hole for the parking brake the other day. As well, I was able to fix up the rubber surround for the parking brake that I popped off it's mounts as I reached through to try to get at it. It's really quite easy and I thank our fellow member who posted how to do it.

Here is the console out:

The floor moulding surrounds this, so to get any more out, you would have to lift the entire floor. When working around this, you need to be careful - there's loads of grease on the parking brake.

Here's the console sitting out. You can see that the rubber strips in the parking brake hole are looking a bit out of place.

Here's the console upside down:

Compare that to the following picture in which I have popped the rubber back on the mounts. They are not very sturdy, so be very careful if you do have to do this.

You should be able to see how the rubber is properly in place again.
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