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Updated Pics Of My SC

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I got new X-drilled/slotted/zinc coated rotors and pads, the LAST Chrome EOC sticker and waxed it again. The little brown speckles are the beloved(not) canadian soldiers. The brakes took me 6 hours thanks to Honda's great design with the screws that hold on the rotors just to help installation of the calipers. I called my Honda Tech and he said they are useless, so after hours of drilling them out, I just left them out, not going to do that again.


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I have to paint the calipers yet.


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Looks good Steve!!
$191 with the pads shipped
w/ those 19s, the rotors look so small. at least they'll get plenty of cooling air.

the E's looking good!
w/ those 19s, the rotors look so small. at least they'll get plenty of cooling air.

the E's looking good!
I agree but I dont have $3200 for big brakes, so Ill deal with it, but they helped alot on my stopping distance and I am braking them in still. Atleast the wheels are 20's.

Thanks for the compliment.
looks good.
Loving it Great!!!! Job..:)
i wonder ??? can i buy those and replace them with my 2009 lx ones?

dont know were!
I doubt 07-08 sc headlights will fit without extensive rework of the front bumper, i have seen them on ebay for $75 each. Good luck on fitting them in, it might be close.
sic car bro. Where did u buy your brakes because im looking for some?
Brake motive, great people, had a small issue and I had the replacement part overnighted to me free of charge.
I have the same rotors here, a great improvement over OEM.:D
Plus, thats a sweet ride and the clean look.
Now, you need some HID's (H11's) for your sled.
your grill looks

your grill looks like a screened in front poorch. And 5 star rims dont belong on a big square
just giving my opinion but other than that i like you e


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insane SC, not my style but your E is definitely CLEAN..... good job settng it apart from the others... :D
1. Prior8t2000- I do have HID's in already, that was my first mod, I'll add it to my sig, I forgot.

2. Cazper, thanks, the wheels were not my first choice, but I traded them fir them with tires straight up for my stock sc wheels with no tires. No offense, but you wheels are not my style either, so to each their own right. As far as the grille, in person, they look so much better, after I got them on I sent pics to a couple buds, they all said no, when in person, they all said wow. They are all stainless and are very expensive but the company needed pics so I only had to pay shipping, $20, I like them, but I may still have the border painted black or completly done in black chrome, but for now I am happy.

3. 04EXE, thanks bud, I like clean, I wash the E at min once every 4 days and wax it once a month. I want to remove the emblems yet.

Thanks guys
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