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Hey everyone! So this is my first time posting in EOC (brand new E owner) and I could really use some help. I am completely new to doing car things myself/not tech savvy and am just confusing myself trying to figure stuff out. I apologize if I'm asking obvious/dumb questions!

My original goal was just to add an aux input into my 2008 LX. I found these helpful instructions, ordered the parts, and was ready to go.

But then I started thinking about the possibilities of using this interface instead with the new goal of being able to charge my phone and control the audio through the car's head unit at the same time. (The benefit being that there would be fewer cords to deal with and controlling through the stereo is nice).

The only thing is that I have a google phone (it has a usb-c port), not an iphone. Does anyone know if this would still work if I had a 30 pin or lightning to usb/usb-c adapter? Am I making this more complicated than it should be and look for another solution?

Thanks in advance
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