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I have a Sunset Orange Pearl EX. Just the normal store bought kind. However, I am searching for Chrome parts and add ons, to make her unique! I am in Hagerstown MD and I see them everywhere as I drive all over the region in my big truck. I didn't like them at first! Soooooooooo I was off from work one day and my son and I went to JUST LOOK at one.
Now I am the proud owner of one. I was amazed at all the head and leg room, also the opening of the doors. Now the 2 girls can get in without struggling around the seat! The seat belts could have been put on the seats instead of the doors! It handles great! But now this creates a different problem.........How do I Keep my 16 year old out of the driver's seat? I did have the windows tinted to match all the way around!
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