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[quote:56771af958="Ger Brassfield"]I try to never let my gas get below 1/2 a tank, that way, if an earthquake or nuclear bomb should take out the electricity and gas stations near the epicenter should not work, I can drive farther away and get gas in outlying regions not effected by quakes. Or Nukes. Maybe.[/quote:56771af958]

Please don't be offended by my the following question - I don't know how to ask it in a more tactful manner...

Are you honestly living in so much fear of disaster that you try not to let your gas tank get below half empty?

I guess I'm just shocked by this and want to understand why you feel this is necessary. In fact, my thesis is related to this topic - I'm exploring the impact that the broadcast media (television, news, movies, etc.) has had on American society.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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