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Put them on last fall:
  • They look great
  • They are kind of loud on regular pavement, just that dull drone that makes you turn the radio up a bit
  • Rolling resistance is noticeable compared to the Michelin X LT2s they replaced
  • They are unbelievable in the snow, literally. I was shocked at how well I was able to go up steep streets with fresh snow, etc.
  • Not so great in the rain from a stop - a little slippy They aren't bad, but the Michelins were better. However, when you go through those big puddles that normally slow you down, the Geos shed water so quickly you hardly notice=
Keep in mind, I've had my Element a long time, so I'm pretty jazzed by anything new, and pretty tolerant of all the bleeps and blurps of driving a 150k mile car that has never exactly been comfortable to drive. In any case, I'd buy them again.
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