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Vibration and mechancial rub sounds on decel

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Ok I'll start out with the basics. I have a 03 Honda Element EX AWD equipped with a Auto Trans, the element has just over 70K miles on it.

Yesterday on the highway I started to notice a very solid vibration going through the car. This vibration could be felt going through the steering. As my wife stated when I asked for her lamen oppinion. It feels like the wheels are about to come off. It happens at any speed and again only on decel or coasting.

I was able to do a little bit of troubleshooting, and find that this vibration does not happen on acceleration, or if the car is stopped. Also it's something driveline or brake related.

If I lightly apply the brakes on decel it seems to magnify the noise and vibration. If I firmly apply the brakes the noise goes away and the vibration stops.

It was late at night when I did all this, but from a flashlight, I don't see any visual issues with the upper or lower ball joints, tie rods appear fine. I'm not missing any bolts on first exam. I checked the propeller shaft for any bolts missing and did not find any. I plan to pull the wheels off the front tonight to see if my pads ran out or something, but that wouldn't make sense on the firm braking. I also didn't spot any caliper bolts missing from mounting to the front spindles.

The issue has me baffled, I'm mechnically inclined and have built and installed engines and swaps in cars. Worse case I'll admit defeat go to the mechanic to get a diagnoses and then fix it myself. But I'd rather not even pay the diagnosing fee. Anyone heard of this issue?

If I find the issue myself tomorrow I'll make sure to put it on here. No time to look at it tonight, first time parents class tonight.:rolleyes:
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I was hoping it would be simple like that. Thought maybe the inside pad had worn out and I didn't catch it in time.

My problem has been fixed. For once I should have started simple. I inspected the prop shaft no issue, no balance weights missing. Checked the rear dif mounts no issue.

So I moved to the front went to loosen the lugs before jacking the car up. Drive side front lugs all were hand tight. I had twice since putting the summer tires on torqued them down. I must have a wheel out of balance bad, or some messed up lugs or splines.

Torqued them back down drove 100 miles yesterday, checked them this morning still fine. So when your wife says it feels like a wheel is going to come off. Maybe she is right! :)
Well, glad it was a simple and inexpensive fix!
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