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Vibration at 60 MPH & Extended warranty question

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05 Honda E - AWD Automatic, 85,000 miles...

So from about 60-70 MPH I get a fairly heavy vibration, no noise that I can tell (The E at highway speeds aint the quietest thing). The vibration goes away after I get up to 80. I first felt it just in the steering wheel and took it into a local place for a balance. But after the balance I still felt it (no change) and it seems to be more pronounced after a couple weeks of this going on. I've done some checking and seems like it could be several things (power steering pump, wheel bearings, CV joint...?)

I have the Honda extended warranty, anyone have an idea if it will cover this issue? If it isn't covered by the extended warranty will it cost me for the diagnostic at the dealer?

ps OT - Am I the only one who thinks it is BS that I have to come up with a receipt from over 4 years ago for the windshield replacement settlement? (My windshield cracked after a few months of owning it and didn't think the dealer would cover it so I just paid the $200 out of pocket)
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More than likely the guys above are correct in it being a tire issue as the MPH's you listed are in exact line with this issue. Have you examined all 4 tires to see if any one tire has more tire weights than the other? This is often an easy way to spot a bad tire that they had to spin up multiple times to balance. If your steering wheel is shaking I would check the front to and if your rear end is getting a nice massage I would check the rears.

If any one tire is messed up and you bought them from a major tire dealer consider taking the car to another shop in the chain to have them examine it. I've had bad tires before and the difference can be the dealership when it comes to repair/replacement.
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