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Actually, I was being snarled and laughed at before I even got my first set of runs, by time I had my first 5 run session done, I had a lot of people coming over to me saying how cool that was and they could not believe I posted a 52.43 second run, when the fasted z06 vette was 47.99. I was not in last place, got 38th out of 53 in the morning, I was 3rd in non-vette class of 9 people. In the afternoon fast course, I went up to 43rd out of 59th, but more people raced the afternoon course, had 6th out of 13 in my class. The best part of the whole day is when I got the award for having the best time match in my class, I was only off .009 seconds from run 6 to 7, the guy handing them out then said "I wonder what this guy could do with a real car", I turned around and told him I have one. I cant wait to show up with the Ksports slammed, I will make their heads spin.

Also, next time I will have someone video tape it from outside and inside, so I can edit the video to go back and forth.

That's awesome Steve,can't wait to see some more videos.:cool:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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