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Viper 5901 Alarm on a 2008 E

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Just got a Viper alarm/Remote start on my 2008 and I just wanted to let you know that I think its a great system. I had an issue that you may want to look into on your Viper. The alarm would not go off if the passenger door was opened. Simple test. Just set the alarm and unlock the door with your key and open. The tech at Best Buy said that passenger door was on a separate line from the driver door and the hatch. The temperature gauge is off. The tech said that he was going to swap out the module when they get a new one in and see if that may help.

I like the fact that you can set this to start up the truck if the battery gets under 10 volts.

You can set it to start up the truck every 3 hours for 6 times. Great for the subzero Chicagoland winters.

You can arm the system in silent mode. This I like! If someone breaks into the car it will trigger the key fob and not the siren. We have some idiots checking car doors and if your car is unlocked it gets cleaned out. I'm tempted to set up a sting! We got hit for a gps change and cds.

It has an anti grind feature that will not let you grind your starter after you get in the car with the remote start running.

1 mile range on the remote and just some cool features on the remote set up. Timer on the remote lets you know that it has 3 minutes and you can reset it with a push of a button.

Yada yada yada..
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I'm going to go check my pass. door when this rain stops. Thanks for that tip.

Glad to hear your liking your alarm. Let me know if you find anything else weird like that.
ya I checked my alarm and everything works as it should, including the passenger door. But again I had mine installed at a local shop not a big box shop. :lol:

But Its just my personal opinion yet again, BB is good for prices, not good for installs.
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