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Went to my local dealer last night. They had a silver DX on the lot, so I stopped to take a peek. Of course, a sales guy came out and we chatted a bit. My first question, "when are you getting some EX's in"? He said they had the green inside - so I sprinted in there.

The green looks much more appealing in person than it did in pictures - for me. They had put in floor mats and splash guards and the sticker was $21,500. I gave the thing a really good look but was unable to test drive last night. My wife and I plan to go in soon to drive one around. They had a blue EX in back so maybe one of them will still be there when we're ready.

The rep was really bashing the DX and pushing for the EX (not surprised). He also claimed they'd sold the first three Elements that they had on their lot. One of them was sold to a family who called from nearly four hours away whose many dealers in their area had waiting lists.

Further proof that this thing is hot! I was eager to get one before, now it's getting to be an obsession.... <deep breaths>


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too funny, love that lil story. Yeah this is an addictive vehicle.. intoxicating!

I had become obsessed too, and my excitement could not be contained when I was going to get my lil Element!

The green is much nicer in person than on photos.. it was tempting to me, especially since a local dealer had an EX 4wd in green weeks before they had My Blue!

Not a bad price either, but you might want to check another dealer, or salesperson there.. that is bad ethics to bash another vehicle not to mention their own vehicle. Very bad.. they should not be saying anything insulting about anything, really.. that is correct sales ethics! Oh well some just do not have that, do they!

But I would urge you to check another dealer.. and if the rude dealer has a better price you can still get that at another dealer no problem.

Good luck & keep us posted, I hope you get it Soon! Otherwise many, sleepless nights!
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