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I have two sets.
$40 a set plus shipping.
Both sets pictured.
I sold some sets a while ago and if I remember correctly finding boxes that size was tough.
And if the box is too big it raised the shipping charges a lot.

All the parts I have in my other post clumped together became unmanageable.
There is a girl named Phoenix that has most everything you need if you know how to find her.
I don't have facebook anymore so I have no contact info for her.

Im posting everything here first, then to ebay if it doesn't sell here.
I like trading too so for example if you were a sharpie marker salesman and had boxes of samples.......

I will add a few more items as single post.
But this is really time consuming.

OH, and I just read the rules for posting in here. If I break one it will be by accident or stupidity.

20201115_113023.jpg 20201115_113006.jpg 20201115_112251.jpg 20201115_112234.jpg
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