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Engine loses power over 3K rpm and pulses, "Malfunction" light ON

JR343 -
I am having a similar problem. Took the car in for an exhaust issue. Got it back and after a little city driving the "Malfunction Indicator Lamp" came on (yellow engine picture) and the car intermittently seems to lose power when the RMPs passed around 3K (roughly). The engine continues to run and when the car slows enough it jerks along. With the clutch in and the accelerator down, the engine would "bounce" from ~ 1500 to 3500 rpm. Turning the car off and then back on temporarily fixes the problem, but so far it keeps returning.
Did Firestone happen to wash your engine? The mechanic took it upon himself to wash my engine and I suspect that there is water in the electrical or emission control system. Gonna try to 'dry it out myself'. Will update with solution . . . (thinking positive)
Anyone else see this issue?
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