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Warning light installation

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Ok hopefully this will not be a dupe. Typed it once but didn't see it appear in the forum.

Looking to install some warning lights(led) into the Element this weekend and I've got a couple questions. I've done a couple quick searches but nothing that I've found yet has helped.

1. Does the 2009 E have any pre-drilled pass thews? I looked on the drivers side last night, but didn't see anything obvious.

2. On the center console, is there enough room either below or on the opposite is of the hazard light switch to mount another switch?

3. For furture reference I might later on install more lights on the back side of the vehicle. Does the E have a channel leading to the back that I can run more cable through to reach the hatch area?

Thank you for your assistance/guidance

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Im gonna take a wild guess and say that thews = through?? :-D:shock:

OK, here is my input:

1. If you are taking about through the firewall, yes there should be. There are
pics here on the site that show a pass through that has been used for stereo
hook ups. Check out the Mobile Electronics section. Use firewall as your search

2. On the opposite side of the hazard button there is enough room. You will
probably find enough room under that hazard button as well. That panel is very
easy to take off!! I installed the factory alarm in my E, and the mic for the
glass break goes there. You will find instructions on that on the HandA site.
They are a huge sponsor for the site, and they have tons of PDFs for installing
factory items. The one you will want is for the alarm system.

3. The XM wiring runs under the passenger side kick panel all the way to the
back of the E. You can follow that and get a great path.

Good luck.
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There is a hole plug next to the hood pop cable in the driver’s side kick
panel. It leads out through the driver side quarter panel and into the engine
compartment. (Just follow the hood pop cable.)
Another option is using the center console for your control switch. There is a ton of room under the console base. It is easy to fish a wire from the console to the spare tire area and then to the rest of the back of the car. Also easy to fish to the door jams. Lots of space to mount switches or things on the front of the console base.

I have 2 ham radios stacked on the front, antenna cable fished to the spare tire area and then to the top of the hatch, power to the driver's door jam and then to the fuse block. Under the base is an antenna diplexer box.

To get it off, there are screws at the rear in the area under the cooler, and under the cup holders.

Just a thought to consider.
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