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Waxing the E & Keeping it off the Plastic

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Hey everone, here is a tip for waxing the E. Go to any auto shop and spend a buck or 2 and get a stiff plastic squeegie set like for tenting windows. place the edge of the squeegie in the door between the plastic or glass windows. This works great for keeping wax off plastic fenders and glass. I highly recomend doing this because once wax is on the textured plastic.. I wish you luck!

2 things I swear by .. MOTHERS wax and the ABSORBER drying towel

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As a novice when it comes to many of the wash/wax suggestions offered on this site, I have some questions.
Whenever HONDA, others identify the best protection for the exterior plastic, would'nt it be best to apply this treatment first and then do the metal body of the E as to protect the plastic should any car wax drip onto it's surface?

That's a great point, but I would still use the squeegie method (great idea btw!), wax really seems to adhere to this type of plastic.
Yeah Silver, I don't care how you ar Honda waxes. But all I am saying is that you DON'T want to get wax on the textured plastic fenders! Because when it dries you are going to have some funky white spots on your fenders. Besides my post was just a TIP take it for what it's worth.
I always used Mothers California Gold Sealer and Glaze on my black Civic. Made it shine like a new dime - great stuff. Just got back from the UK and while there bought some glaze called AUTO GLYM. The Brits swear by this stuff and it doesn't have to be over 80 degrees to apply it. Also according to them it's the factory wax for Aston Martin and that ain't bad. Can't wait for some nice weather to give it a try.
Waxing was my main concern when buying my E. Being such a car buff. Get it? :lol: When I asked my dealer if the plastic would not be hurt by wax. He said "No Problem Comes right off". I knew better, I'm glad you guys are helping to inform the rest of the owners on what might be lack of knowledge by the sales staff.
I got some wax on the plastic of my SOP EX. It looked so bad (I cleaned it up as soon as I noticed it). I tried a few things to get it off soap and water w.a soft toothbrush, bug and tar remover, and WD-40. The only thing that really worked was the WD-40 and I have't noticed any ill effects on the plastic. I'll be using the squegee method from now on. :)
Goo Gone, rubbing alcohol, Bug and Tar remover, but what finally worked was some Dawn dishwashing soap in hot water which I scrubbed with a toothbrush and it removed a couple of areas I had inadvertantly gotten on the lower tailgate. Kept brushing and wiping with a clean wet rag several times and they came off. :?
What about using an all in one treatment. Black Magic make a "total shine" that can be used on paint, plastic and rubber. I plan to try it this afternoon. It also works for the interior. Any thoughts?
NO NO NO a hundred times NO

Worked okay and plastic but very streaky on the paint. Took forever to get it off.
Have used it for years on Honda Exterior rubber and plastic. Very good product. 8)
I know there are better waxes but I am choosing Zymol for the paint. I'm lazy and I don't want to spend time to get wax off the plastic and there is a lot of plastic. It seems it is the safest for plastic. Not as durable or shiny but I can get it off the plastic easier. And not as toxic. Smells natural.

Tried some Black Magic Total Shine on the plastic. Rain runs right off it. I don't know whats in it but I think silicone. Haven't decided if I want silicone coated panels.
Honda has a great product called "Spray Cleaner and Polish". It is sold through the motorcycle dealers, not sure if you can get it at the car dealers? Anyway, this stuff is great for removing all types of stuff, road grime, tar, grease, etc… and you could use it on the plastic, painted or metal parts. I bet it would work well for getting any wax residue off of the plastic E parts. You could even use it to clean the interior if you wanted to.

Here is a link for it if anyone is interested.
Good tip on dishwashing detergent. I got Zymol all over the place. I quess I should use the squeegee shield. The detergent helped but I wonder if Simple Green works to get wax off? Anyone tried?
I use my idea of using a squeege and I don't have any prblems with wax on the plastic. 8) Dish washing detergent :?: It might work on plastic only! I would not suggest using the grainy detergent. You will end up with scratched paint if you get it on the metal. Here is another Tip.. When ever you wash your towells that you clean you E with use Liquid detergent because the dry grainy detergent WILL SCRATCH.

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I need help with the squeegie thing.

Are you talking about the squeegie's that Full Service gas stations use to clean your windshield?

I'm not familar with the term "tenting windows"

And put the squeegie in the door - the door opening groove and the front of the car. I'm not following - explain it slow for me.

Thanks !
Hey Simon, The squeegie I am talking about is not the type at gas stations. I will try to explain.. When you tint wintows you the type of squeegie you would use to remove air bubbles. This is a fairly stiff piece of rubber. You can also find these in hardware stores to smooth over drywall spackle or to put on wall paper. Anyone at the store will be able to point you in the right direction.
The best way to wax using this method is to take the squeegie and put the edge verticaly into the space between the plastic pannels and the painted body. Doing this will provide a protective wall keeping wax from getting on the plastic. You could also use cardboard and get the same results. but don't use anything that will scratch your paint.

Hope this helps. Brian

Okay. Thanks a Million ! Boy, that cleared things up - Great idea.

My mind was caught in a loop - I kept thinking Gas Station Squeegie.

Good IDEA !
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