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So you guys convinced me ("my 17 year old daughter's first car"). Over the weekend we were thinking there wouldn't be even one possibility as we were looking for specifically 2005/2006 EX-P AT. Using the great information on this forum I was able to tell which cars had side airbags without making phone calls so our list of possibles was almost nill. Too much money 16,000 - 19,000, no side air bags, or any priced under 14,000 were ones that had been in accidents, or had more than 115,000. I was willing to pay for 75,000, but not 115,000 and we were very specific about the year so an 05 with 85,000 miles was just too much.
Well Low & Behold!!! An add from Ed Voles Honda in Marietta GA. 2006 EX-P ATL.....45,921 miles, no accidents, one owner who bought it from Ed Voyles, had all maintenance work done there............are you ready? Internet Special
12,877 :):)
AND it is awesome looking. My daughter, Eden K, posted last night and put on a photo. We walked out of the dealer spending, 14,497.
So she just left for school, driving her Honda Element. I am so happy for her, she is a really good kid, a great student, very responsible and mature.
Thank all who responded to my original post to help me be totally confident in choosing the FANTASTIC ELEMENT for my precious cargo. Now, you know what's next right? I WANT ONE:lol::lol::lol:
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