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Fellow ROC’ers have asked for a repeat of the Weathertech Floor Mat Group Buy that was run a few months back. I asked and received approval to rerun it and was asked to offer it up on the EOC as well as the CRVOC. I know most of you on the other sites don’t know me, but if you have any doubt I’m sure Larry (spdrcr5) will attest to my experience handling Group Buys.

The Group Buy is not limited to any specific mats as long as we sell 40 full sets of any mat system. RL’s, Elements, CR-V’s, Ford or Chevy doesn’t matter. If Weathertech sells it, it’s included. Partial mat sets will qualify for the discount, but will not be counted toward the 40 set goal. We must reach 40 full sets before the discount is earned.

Logistically, this will be a nightmare to coordinate a three or possibly a four site Group Buy. I ask for your help. If you’re interested in a mat system please go to the Weathertech Web Site and research the mat set you want, supply me the part number, color, price and separately the shipping. Remember, shipping cannot be discounted. If you live in Illinois you must also add your state sales tax, which I believe to be 7%.

I need to see:

Part number, Color, Price, the Discount Amount, Tax on the discounted price if any, the Shipping Charge and the Grand Total. I won’t need your shipping addresses until the time comes to send your checks. Must be checks, no PayPal or Credit Cards. Please note, I do not need this information yet. I only need to see who is willing to commit to buying a full set so I can see when we reach the sales goal. The requested information you can supply along with your checks when the time comes.

I will maintain a Spreadsheet with all this information and your shipping addresses to be supplied to Weathertech.

If and when we hit the sales goal to earn the 25% discount I will post on this Thread where to send your checks. Checks will be made payable to MacNeil Automotive, Weathertech’s parent company and sent to me. I will then forward them to Weathertech along with the shipping information you supply.

The original Group Buy resulted in 52 mat sets sold and was quite successful. Together, we can make this Group Buy even better.

I will use this post as the Sign-on Roster. Please do not sign on unless you are ready to commit to buying.
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