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Hey all - I've got a cousin's wedding in Macon, GA coming up at the end of September, and I'm trying to get there as cheaply as possible, and see some things along the way. If I can get all the time I want off work, I'd make it a 2 day trip down, stay for a few days, and a 2 day trip back up (13 hour trip one way, divided into two)

I'm in the planning and spitballing ideas phase and I have a few questions I hope some of y'all can help out with.

1. Sleeping: I'll only be sleeping in my car for two nights, one on the way down, one on the way up. I have napped in my element before, and spent a night here and there, and I'm prepared for a lot, but i'll be going into the south in the summer, and I'm concerned about what I should do to mitigate the late summer heat, which brings me to

2. Insulation & Privacy: as mentioned, I'll be in the south in the late of summer, probably around KY or TN in late september. I'm considering options of either doing full reflectix panels for form and durability, or like a bungee cord & dark drape setup.

3. Inside Temps: I'm concerned that the panels will trap too much heat, but that the drapes won't keep enough light out? I am a heavy sleeper and I have faith that I'll be able to sleep the night through without making it blackout-dark in the car, but the leading factor in what I do is temperature regulation. Ideally I could just pop some windows and be okay, maybe have a small battery-powered fan, but I don't know what the summertime south will throw at me as far as nighttime temperatures or, more likely, bugs. I don't want to get to the wedding and be a chewed up mess.

4. Space saving: the way I figure it, I'll need to have a bed, a small cooler for foodstuff, my luggage, a suit on a hanger, and personal hygiene/toiletry items. It's not a long trip, but I want to be able to fit all this stuff in such that I don't have to be rearranging a bunch before I go to sleep and when I wake up.

5. Cost: most importantly, I'm trying to keep this conversion as cheap as possible -- i don't want to make a camper out of my car just yet, just a little hotel on wheels. My roommate works at Target, and can help me out with a 15% discount on anything I get from there, but I recognize I might not be able to get everything there. Amazon is always an option, but a big limiting factor for me right now is time.

I work full time, and to be able to afford this whole thing, I'm likely gonna have to work full time right up until the trip itself, which gives me one or two days a week between now and then to gather supplies and put this all together, but I'm confident that with the goal in mind of a conversion on this scale, with little to no building required, I can do it, and have a great time getting to Georgia.

Anything y'all can do to help me out, ideas, experience, tips y'all can lend is HUGELY appreciated! :razz:
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