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We're In!

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so after a yrs of the love/hate relationship with our VW's we've eliminated 50% of our quiver by replacing our 05 Golf Tdi with an 06 MT 2wd E, fuel guage moves a bit quicker, otherwise we're pretty jacked....anyone wanna by an '81 Westy?

we've wanted to go back to single car ownership for a while...the Element has seemed like the ideal getaway to save up for a road trip down to see the fellas at UrsaMinor.....

need new clips for our roof rack, otherwise ready to go....
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How about a pic of that Westy and congrats on your new E.
good deal.but since my bug has been down the has been doing tripple duty.& I havent had time to put the bug back togeather.

here's the money pit:

Vehicle Tree Car Transport Mode of transport

pics like this make me second guess a little..
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I guess pics of the new acquisition work here too...

the mutts seem content.


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holly smoke !!! your E hauls a plane!!! well my bug hauls a moab on top (moab= mother of all bombs from the USAF)
West Coast Welcomes...!

May she provide you many years of service and enjoyment...! Congrats and welcome to the EOC...

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