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A strange thing happened this past weekend... though I knew it was bound to happen eventually: The frequency of other E sightings shot through the roof! In the two weeks since I got my SOP, I've never spotted more than one E in a day, with most days seeing none (and this from someone who lives in an overpopulated city (Chicago) and commutes 23 miles each way to the burbs -- lots of exposure to lots of other vehicles). I think I've only seen 3 other SOP's in that span of time.
Anyway, Saturday was the turning point. Cruising down Western Ave. here in the city I spotted THREE E's in a span of FIVE BLOCKS (and of the 3, TWO were SOP!)! I waved to all but none waved back (that's citylife for ya). I figured it was just an abberation, but Sunday brought 2 more SOP's during my weekend errands! And all of them were different, as I always take note of plates, accessories, drivers, etc.
Whatever happened to that "3 to 5% of E's are painted SOP" nonsense? Actually, I'm happy for anyone that finally gets what they I did.
So i guess the rest of the world has caught on though... I just hope I never have to come out to a parking lot and forget which SOP is mine (which I'm sure CRV owners go through on a daily basis)!

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