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What amps work best?

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I changed out the factory speakers and put in the polyflex Focal seperates in the front and the focal coaxial in the rear. They sound great, but could use some more power. What amps would work the best for these speakers? I will probably add a new sub at some point. Is it best to use the existing amp for the rear and reamp the fronts? Any input is appreciated. :D

Anyone looking for a good deal on last years model of Focals, I found these new in box for $100 a pair on ebay.
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Do you know off hand which model Eclipse 4 channel amp that is, that would fit under the seat. I noticed the PA5422, any others out there? I really would like to get a 4 channel because my Eclipse HU has time alignment with DSP and I have this feeling that inorder for this to work effectively I need to have equal power to all speakers. By the way thanks for your input about Eclipse products, I am very pleased with my cd8443. I have heard of the brand in the past but never thought to persue because they are not in the main stream.

[quote:fc881ec66c="eMass"]Ya, the 4 channel JL's are kinda big - actually l-o-n-g. The brand new JL's are a little smaller though - you might want to be sure he's not trying to sell you last year's stuff.

You might be able to go with a 2 channel JL and just power the front speakers while allowing the head unit to power the back.

Or you could put a 2 channel under each seat for front and back speakers.

Or you could get a different amp. The Eclipse 4 channel amps will fit under the seats nicely - the sound is clean and they are attractively priced too.

Have you checked out the pix of how one of my amps is installed under my passenger seat? I have a feeling that once your installer sees that he might feel more confident about fitting an amp under there.[/quote:fc881ec66c]
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