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... Guess they know the Element has become a "scarce resource", especially the model I want (Polished Metal Metallic EX 4WD w/Nav AT, fog lights, security system, roof rack and dog package)......
Aren't a number of these things dealer installed? Fog lights, security system, and roof rack fall in that category.

Depending on what you need to carry on the roof, a aftermarket, nonHonda rack might be cheaper and more functional.

When I dropped off my 2003 for service today I looked at red Element with a dog package. Have you actually looked one? There are some cute ideas, but it wouldn't suit me. I don't need a ramp for my 15lb dog, nor a kennel that takes up the whole cargo area. The only obvious part that a dealer couldn't install is the dog-pattern cloth on the rear seats.

Do you really want the Honda Nav? What does it cost, $1000? What can it do that a $200 portable unit can't?
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