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:x :x :x :!: Well, 3 days ago I got my new windshield installed after a 3 week wait. It was on backorder. So now I feel a little better.....until today. Driving along with my 17 month old son out looking for swing sets, BLAMO a new broken wind shield. Two days before the windshield was replaced I drove approx. 325 miles all highway for a buisiness trip and didn't get any new cracks. The dealership said it's just rocks from the road. Well the first one lasted 1200 miles, the new one less than 50! I've owned about 30 cars and trucks in my life and never ever had such an experience. The only other time this ever happened to me was in my 2001 Lightning , but I was dumb enough to drive behind a gravel truck. I love my E, but Honda better do something. We only get 3 free windshields a year and I'm on #2 with 2200 miles!
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