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What type of Gas to use & oil change question

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Okay was wondering what type of gas you all use in your element ? regular 87 oct, 89 oct, 91 oct or good old sunoco 93 oct ?

also i have read all over this forum about 1st oil change's. I am old school when it comes to this and i must change at least the filter after the first 500 miles, due to the fact that when an engine is built and first started all the metal shavings are going to be throughout the oil and i would have to think that after the 1st 500 miles the filter would not be working properly. Am i crazy ? This is the 1st brand new car for my wife and i so i am a little curious about this topic.
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There is NO benefit to your vehicle from using the more expensive fuel according to Honda OwnerLink. That may be a habit you should break. The engine is designed to run with 87 octane fuel and it's combustion characteristics.

Please substantiate the "87 octane is dirty gas" assertion--a quote from a reputable research organization or major news outlet would be fine. I think it's nonsense. Since 1993 all auto feuls are mandated to contain detergent additives which keep fuel systems clean. In the 80's, these additives were a selling point for premium fuels but they are now standard. My 1980 Honda Accord was still running fine after 188K miles using regular when I sold it.
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