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Hello fellow Element owners, first time on a car forum, although I think the Element is much more than a car. Just got mine the other day and am looking forward to getting a lot of use out of it. I got lucky and had a fender bender(really, just a fender bender) and my previous ride was totaled[bent the frame where the lower control arms mount(a gift in disguise)]. As bummed as I was to have a payment again, I was thrilled to have a new vehicle. I am an obsessed cyclist and outdoorsman and plan to use the E as a base when riding, racing and camping with the family.
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Pssst...! It ain't no car...

Hey JD,

Northern Cali greets...! Welcome to the EOC and I hope she provides you many years of service and enjoyment... I too am a new owner (last month) and have been steadily creating a rather long wish list for my E...

I've got to WARN you tho... You need to post some pics soon otherwise the rest of the Eople will come down on you...! LOL!!! If you don't, you're just a "known" lurker...

ALSO... Please, please, PUH-LEEEZ use the "search" feature on this forum BEFORE you post a question on a thread... You are new so I'm giving you all the heads-up that I can... The mod(erator)s are great and helpful but the less work they have to do here, the more time they can work on their mod(ification)s...!!! Good pun...! LOL!!!


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Welcome JD. I'm gonna be throwing a San Diego Meetup very soon so keep checking the Southern California sub-forum for updates. I'm slowing getting into cycling myself, I'm trying to put together a LEADER frame I bought a year ago. I hope to see around San Diego in the future.

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